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Chimney Sweeping


Chimney Sweeping

Above all and most important is our commitment to making sure your fireplace, stove unit or gas insert is safe. We use state of the art cleaning equipment consisting of heavy duty flexible rods, various sized flue cleaning brushes and a powerful creosote sweeping vacuum system which removes dangerous excess creosote resulting in a safe and functioning unit.

We also offer live and dead animal removal, decorative spark arrestor chimney caps which prevent critters from entering, promoting safety and water damage prevention.

  • Decorative spark arrester chimney caps
  • Live and Dead Animal Removal
  • Chimney repair to full restoration

Customer Reviews

Same Day Service; went the extra mile!!

Ann Douglas

I have a 40' chimney and Bartholomew came the day I called, did all the work needed, trimmed the vines around my chimney flue's and raked up after the work was complete. I would highly recommend him to do any job you have. Honest guy and went the extra mile for me.

Dependable and Thorough

Kathy Richards

We have had A. B. Richards Professional Services clean our chimney every fall for years. They arrive on time and do their job with efficiency . We have been very pleased with their work. Jay and Jan

Gutter Cleaning Service


Bartholomew does excellent work and is great to work with. He's a kind man by nature, it's easy to see that he really cares about his customers. My experience has been that he always goes the extra mile to make sure his customers are satified. I highly endorse the service he provides.

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